KIM-1 Debugging tool

Cameron Kaiser spectre at
Sun Nov 13 12:12:07 CST 2016

> While developing it, I found that my 6530-002 is bad. As we all know, these
> are custom made and no longer available. There is a similar part, the 6532
> that is similar, without ROM.
> I've begun making a hand wired adapter with a EEPROM. This will be in a
> stacked socket under the 6532. I expect to use the debug board to program it
> in place.
> After verifying that every thing works, I may create PC boards for the debug
> and 6532 adapter.
> I know there are a number of dead KIM-1s out there.
> I'm looking to see how many people would be interested in buying a set of
> boards? I'm thinking in the range of $10 to $20 someplace, depending on
> volume.

I'd be interested, though I'd prefer something that was a drop-in replacement.
I'd be willing to pay additional for that.

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