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I've started a new thread.


I've created a simple debugging board that one can plug onto the KIM's expansion buss that has debug code on it. It allows one to find out what is failing on the KIM so they know what to replace.

While developing it, I found that my 6530-002 is bad. As we all know, these are custom made and no longer available. There is a similar part, the 6532 that is similar, without ROM.

It can be used with an adapter. I've reviewed both specifications and believe I've figured out how to do it. Others have made them that are configured for the Gottlieb pinball machines but they will not work for the KIM because the KIM selects are configured differently.

I've begun making a hand wired adapter with a EEPROM. This will be in a stacked socket under the 6532. I expect to use the debug board to program it in place.

After verifying that every thing works, I may create PC boards for the debug and 6532 adapter.

I know there are a number of dead KIM-1s out there.

I'm looking to see how many people would be interested in buying a set of boards? I'm thinking in the range of $10 to $20 someplace, depending on volume. I expect to have two small boards for each adapter and one for the debug board. I'll most likely have them made as a set to save cost.

I can populate the adapter boards with the SOIC parts and leave the rest to the person buying the boards.

Please let me know how many people would be interested??



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I still need to post the final schematic. A new thread might be a good


I wanted to keep the board as simple as possible so one could just

wire wrap or point to point it.

It only has a 7474, 7402 and a 7404 as well as the EPROM.

It could easily be done with a GAL or PAL and the EPROM.

I think two schematics showing each would be best.


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> I've been making a debugging ROM board to test out the various
> parts of the KIM-1. It is based on taking over the KIM at reset
> and running test.
> So far I've got two test working. One is a basic, is it running test
> that just blinks a light on the debug board.
> The next is a test of the first 1K of RAM.
> A little tricky to do without RAM.
> I expect to write some more for the RRIOT ics.
> If anyone has interest, they can follow me on the Vintage
> Computer Forum or contact me here.
> The board has 3 ttl ICs, a 2764/27128 EPROM, a couple
> LEDs and a dip switch. Also a few pullup resistors and capacitors.
> Dwight


That is a pretty cool project. May I suggest you break it out on VCF into
its own thread so people can more easily follow what is going on? For those
interested in the original thread:
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