KIM-1 Debugging tool

dwight dkelvey at
Mon Nov 7 08:19:25 CST 2016

I still need to post the final schematic. A new thread might be a good


I wanted to keep the board as simple as possible so one could just

wire wrap or point to point it.

It only has a 7474, 7402 and a 7404 as well as the EPROM.

It could easily be done with a GAL or PAL and the EPROM.

I think two schematics showing each would be best.


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> I've been making a debugging ROM board to test out the various
> parts of the KIM-1. It is based on taking over the KIM at reset
> and running test.
> So far I've got two test working. One is a basic, is it running test
> that just blinks a light on the debug board.
> The next is a test of the first 1K of RAM.
> A little tricky to do without RAM.
> I expect to write some more for the RRIOT ics.
> If anyone has interest, they can follow me on the Vintage
> Computer Forum or contact me here.
> The board has 3 ttl ICs, a 2764/27128 EPROM, a couple
> LEDs and a dip switch. Also a few pullup resistors and capacitors.
> Dwight


That is a pretty cool project. May I suggest you break it out on VCF into
its own thread so people can more easily follow what is going on? For those
interested in the original thread:


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