Paper tape carriers and paper tape

Paul Koning paulkoning at
Sat Nov 12 13:24:00 CST 2016

> On Nov 11, 2016, at 7:16 PM, jim stephens <jwsmail at> wrote:
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> Hollerith card info (via Wikipedia)
> Card size is exactly 7 3⁄8 by 3 1⁄4 inches (187.325 mm × 82.55 mm). The cards are made
> of smooth stock, 0.007 inches (180 µm) thick. There are about 143 cards to
> the inch (56/cm).

I found another description of the specs in an old card reader/punch peripheral manual.  It also lists weight (0.534 lbs per 100 cards).  It gives tolerances (length +/- 0.005 inch, width +0.007, -0.003, angle between the sides 90 degrees +/- 5 minutes, sides straight +/- 0.003 inches).  And, very interesting, it mentions that the orientation of the paper fibers shall be parallel to the long side.

There are lots of paper manufacturers and lots of grades and thickness of paper.  The thickness we're talking about is one that shows up in a couple I looked at.  So it wouldn't surprise me at all if suitable paper could be had.  The matter of cutting it to the correct shape is a different issue, admittedly.  


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