Paper tape carriers and paper tape

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Fri Nov 11 18:16:39 CST 2016

On 11/11/2016 3:05 PM, Dave Wade wrote:
> Not seen one of those for ages, These days, at least in the UK, Credit Cards seem to come attached to a standard letter with a blob of sticky stuff...
> Dave

Image of manual credit form here:

3-1/4 x 7-7/8 Inches

Stock from this site:

Hollerith card info (via Wikipedia)

Card size is exactly 7 3⁄8 by 3 1⁄4 inches (187.325 mm × 82.55 mm). The 
cards are made
of smooth stock, 0.007 inches (180 µm) thick. There are about 143 cards to
the inch (56/cm).

Near as I can tell, 100 of the NCR carbonless forms is about an inch, so 
the thickness
of the stock should be close to Hollerith cards.

I'm a bit concerned now that the chipless technology is deployed in the 
US.  Many contracts
will have pretty significant penalties for swipe and non chip / 
signature transactions, so
the demand for manual backup like this will probably take a significant 
nosedive, with
merchants just declining the business till their machines work, rather 
than risk a chargeback
on a manual form.

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