more on lisp compilers

Richard Loken rlloken at
Wed Nov 9 20:52:25 CST 2016

So last week there was some conversation about lisp compilers and an
expressed interest in old VAX lisp comilers.  Co-incidently, I was rooting
through the morgue at work on semi legitimate business and found
VAXlisp 2.2 copyright 1987.  Sadly, it is on a TK50 and is the Ultrix

Since it sparked my interest, I went through the rest of the pile but
no VMS lisp compiler was unearthed.  I found o-l-d VAX/VMS ADA, C, basic,
pascal, fortran compilers but no lisp compilers and all on moldering
TK50s lying in wait for any hapless tape drive that may accept them.

Oh yes, this is all VMS 5.5-1 stuff, there seems to be an entire distro
there plus a lot of layered products.  These are reduntant, my employer's
last VAX is now sleeping in my basement.

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