MiST - Amiga ST FPGA + intro

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at gmail.com
Thu Mar 31 10:45:15 CDT 2016

On Thu, 31 Mar 2016, ethan at 757.org wrote:
> First off the MiST looks neat!

It's an "FPGA computer" it's hyper-neat, if you ask me. :-)

> I picked up a the UltraSatan unit for my Mega 2 ST from Lotharek and the 
> install went well. I plan to buy the SIO2SD unit at some point in the 
> future for my 800XL/130XE.

He's got all kinds of interesting little hardware bits. It stokes a bit of 
nostalgia for the 90's when there was all manner of strange dohickeys and 
frodads for sale for Amigas and STs. I was too poor to buy any of it, or 
an SGI of my own. I think when you have geek lust for something as a kid 
or teen, but can never get your hands on it, it makes it even more 
"special" to you as an adult (where other folks just see some old obsolete 

> How much are Tezros going for? I assume not that many were sold.

I got a deal on mine for $1000 about two years ago. The owner didn't think 
the machine was in working condition. It turns out it was a decked out 
full-quad rig that came from a California special effects house. It 
wouldn't post or boot. I knew I could sell the CPU boards alone for more 
than $1k, so I bought it. As it turned out, the only problem was that 
someone had juggled the boards on the system as they decommissioned it 
(probably to remove a special board the still wanted), and in so doing 
didn't properly re-seat everything. At the time, similar systems were 
going for $4k to $10k on ebay.

> I used to be a huge SGI fanboy, but the only thing I have left is Octane 
> and Indigo.

I've had an Indigo and I've worked on Octanes quite a bit but never had 
one of my own. The problem with both of them (and my Tezro) is how huge 
and loud they are. If I ever buy a house, I'm going to modify a closet to 
put this crap into so I don't have to hear it. That's the main thing that 
holds me back from using them more. I use my Indys more than my O2 or my 
Tezro because of the noise.

Still, the Tezro can do full HD (1920x1080) graphics in 24 bit color. It 
also has a DVI interface that doesn't require a special 13W3 monitor or 
huge 13W3 -> VGA sync-on-green adapter or a special keyboard & mouse like 
the Indigo (which is a wonderful design, otherwise).

> Do the Tezros have power supply issues like the Fuel?

Mine doesn't. I'm on Nekochan.net quite a bit and I don't see any chronic 
issues with the Tezro power supplies. However, I can confirm the issues 
with the Fuel.

> My coworker sitting next to me has a Fuel sitting on his desks (for fun) 
> and it's dead from a PSU issue or motherboard power issue. I think he 
> said it's common.

Fortunately, there are pretty easy hacks to replace the PS on a Fuel. I've 
got mixed feelings about the Fuel, but it's still a fun machine. If it 
wasn't for the noise, the O2 would probably be my favorite. It's one of 
those completely designed-from-scratch true hardware-Unix-workstations 
with some neat ideas (like the ICE co-processor and the outstanding A/V 
option). The unified memory architecture of the O2 was also really neat. 
The first time I saw someone use an O2 to super-smooth zoom down on a 
16000x16000 satellite image I was very impressed.


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