Subject: RSX-11 trouble

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Thu Mar 31 07:41:55 CDT 2016

Il giorno gio, 31/03/2016 alle 05.57 -0500, Mark Matlock ha scritto:
> The …AT. indirect command task will be found in LB:[3,54] and there are three versions of it (ICM.TSK, ICMFSL.TSK, and ICMRES.TSK) if this is a RSX11M+ system. This is the task image that is failing to load is probably ICMFSK.TSK. There is a text file in LB:[1,54]SYSVMR.CMD you can type to your screen:
> a line in the file is:
> INS [3,54]ICMFSL/INC=10000              ! Indirect command file processor
> just above that line should be:
> INS [1,1]FCSRES/PAR=GEN/RON=YES         ! FCS resident/supervisor-mode library
> if this is the case then then the ICMFSK.TSK is the one that is failing to load. So after the system boots and the …AT.
> fails, you can:
> >REM …AT.
> >INS LB:[3,54]ICM.TSK
> which should bring the system up. It is likely that you could also use ICMRES.TSK which also uses the FCSRES library. To see if the library is loaded the command is CBD. If you see FCSRES displayed then ICMRES.TSK should also work. 
> Once the system completes STARTUP.CMD, then you should make a change in the system image [1,54]RSX11M.SYS to use
> the ICM.TSK at the next boot up. To do this you need to use VMR which makes changes in the system image similar to the MCR commands
> on a running system.
> >SET /UIC=[1,54]
> >SET /DEF=[1,54]
> >VMR
> Enter filename: RSX11M.SYS
> VMR>^Z                                           (Enter a control Z)
> This sequence should cause the next boot to come up and chain to [1,2]STARTUP.CMD cleanly. Then you can rebuild INDFSL with the SYSGEN procedure as described by the previous post.
> Mark Matlock

Thank for your answer.
I'll try your suggestions.
It's RSX-11 and I've found some troubles on the disk.
I ran VFY with the /RC option.
Some files can't be read (it reports -4 and -101 errors, parity error
and forced error mark).
INDEXF.SYS itself appears to have a bad spot.
So I'm tempted to backup all relevant data and reinstall.

BTW there's no [3,54] on the fixed disk.

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