Subject: RSX-11 trouble

Mark Matlock mark at
Thu Mar 31 05:57:56 CDT 2016

    The …AT. indirect command task will be found in LB:[3,54] and there are three versions of it (ICM.TSK, ICMFSL.TSK, and ICMRES.TSK) if this is a RSX11M+ system. This is the task image that is failing to load is probably ICMFSK.TSK. There is a text file in LB:[1,54]SYSVMR.CMD you can type to your screen:


a line in the file is:

INS [3,54]ICMFSL/INC=10000              ! Indirect command file processor

just above that line should be:

INS [1,1]FCSRES/PAR=GEN/RON=YES         ! FCS resident/supervisor-mode library

if this is the case then then the ICMFSK.TSK is the one that is failing to load. So after the system boots and the …AT.
fails, you can:


which should bring the system up. It is likely that you could also use ICMRES.TSK which also uses the FCSRES library. To see if the library is loaded the command is CBD. If you see FCSRES displayed then ICMRES.TSK should also work. 

Once the system completes STARTUP.CMD, then you should make a change in the system image [1,54]RSX11M.SYS to use
the ICM.TSK at the next boot up. To do this you need to use VMR which makes changes in the system image similar to the MCR commands
on a running system.

>SET /UIC=[1,54]
>SET /DEF=[1,54]
Enter filename: RSX11M.SYS
VMR>^Z                                           (Enter a control Z)

This sequence should cause the next boot to come up and chain to [1,2]STARTUP.CMD cleanly. Then you can rebuild INDFSL with the SYSGEN procedure as described by the previous post.

Mark Matlock

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>> Subject: RSX-11 trouble
>> Hi!
>> Got a MicroPDP 11 plus.
>> It seems to be misconfigured.
>> It can't execute .CMD files, reporting
>> Task "...AT." terminated
>> Load failure. Read error
>> No disk errors are reported with ELI DU0:/SH
>> Disk seems to work: I can run .TSK files.
>> The file STARTUP.CMD isn't read at all.
>> Any hints? Which file is executed right before STARTUP.CMD?
>> I see two RED commands and a MOU before it tries to read [1,2]STARTUP.CMD and reports the aforementioned error.
>> Thanks
> Well... no IND.TSK is present :(
> May be they had space issues?

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