multinet 4.1 PAK

Ryan Blair blairrya at
Sat Mar 26 13:30:20 CDT 2016

>> To get a MULTINET license, you need the VMS checksum.


> $ SHOW LICENSE [everything there is]
> I can get an output, but CHECKSUM is not listed like it is mentioned here:


(replace PAK names as needed, you might have OPENVMS-HOBBYIST or
need the base VAX-VMS, depending on how you had paid-for PAKs or
pure hobbyist, etc. etc.)

!$ dump out a DCL-flavored copy of the installed PAK
!$ lose the /PROCEDURE if you just want readable, not pasteable

!$ re-enable the license, since ISSUE'ing it marks it disabled

This works on VMS 5.5-2H4 (which is also capable of handling the
current-ish version of Multinet, v5.5).


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