help reading 9 track tape

Jon Elson elson at
Thu Mar 24 10:34:48 CDT 2016

On 03/24/2016 10:01 AM, Jecel Assumpcao Jr. wrote:
> A student at the Physics Institute at the University of São Paulo
> (Brazil) reimplemented the Manchester DataFlow machine from the 1980s
> using modern FPGA technology. His goal is to evolve the project so it
> can be used for current applications.
> His advisor was at Manchester at the time of the project and brought a 9
> track tape written on a PDP-11 which includes the Pascal sources for a
> compiler for the DataFlow machine. There is no equipment locally that
> can read the contents of this tape, but it would really help the
> student's project to have access to these sources.
> I imagine this stuff might be interesting for other people as well, so
> perhaps mailing the tape to someone on this list who can read it and put
> the content online would be the best option?
> -- Jecel
What density and format is this tape?  Not all drives 
support all densities.


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