help reading 9 track tape

Jecel Assumpcao Jr. jecel at
Thu Mar 24 10:01:36 CDT 2016

A student at the Physics Institute at the University of São Paulo
(Brazil) reimplemented the Manchester DataFlow machine from the 1980s
using modern FPGA technology. His goal is to evolve the project so it
can be used for current applications.

His advisor was at Manchester at the time of the project and brought a 9
track tape written on a PDP-11 which includes the Pascal sources for a
compiler for the DataFlow machine. There is no equipment locally that
can read the contents of this tape, but it would really help the
student's project to have access to these sources.

I imagine this stuff might be interesting for other people as well, so
perhaps mailing the tape to someone on this list who can read it and put
the content online would be the best option?

-- Jecel

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