Reproduction 8/e panel from Rod Smallwood

Mike Barnes michael.roy.barnes at
Wed Mar 23 18:00:25 CDT 2016

On Fri, Mar 18, 2016 at 8:00 AM, Michael Thompson <
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> I received my reproduction 8/e panel from Rod Smallwood (aka "panelman")
> this week. It looks spectacular compared to the peeling paint on the
> original. Rod did not drill the hole for the rotary switch because the
> position varies a little depending on the revision of the switch panel. I
> put the original panel on top of the new one, marked the rotary switch
> location, drilled a pilot hole and successively larger holes. I had to
> adjust the position of the AC power switch a little to optimize the
> clearance around the switches, but that was easy.
> The original panel had rubber bumpers between the panel and the front of
> the chassis that I will attach to the new panel with double sided adhesive
> tape. The original panel had a tapered relief at the back of the hole for
> the AC power switch, but the new one does not. I will use a file or Dremel
> tool to remove some of the panel material. Without the relief the panel
> will get stressed near the AC switch.
> Overall, the workmanship on the panel is spectacular. Now I need to repaint
> the 8/e front panel frame, RX01, RK05, and TU56 so they look as nice as the
> new front panel.
> --
> Michael Thompson

I concur. Mine arrived this week and it's more of a work of art than a
computer panel.
Absolutely stunning. Kudos to Rod and his professional silk screeners for
making this


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