Front Panels - Update

Rod Smallwood rodsmallwood52 at
Fri Mar 18 07:51:36 CDT 2016

Hello Guys
                     The latest batch of PDP-8  panels are now reaching 
their new owners.
We held shipping until now to make sure  we had good product.

The only way you can check the quality is to go through the whole 
production cycle
We threw a fair few in the dumpster!

We did extra on the current run and there may be some 8/e Type B (After 
the switch change) available.
Next up are PDP-8/f and /m to fulfill existing orders.

I will be making for stock after fulfilling the current order book .

My policy is to ship from prepackaged stock.
We have loads of custom boxes and soft wrap.
We intend to hold manufacturing cycle stock  numbers
This means if takes three weeks to make a batch we will stock three 
weeks sales.

I'll publish the stock position once a week or by email order enquiry

We will be stocking:
                              8/e A (pre switch change)
                              8/e B (post switch change)
                              8/f  (maynard address)
                              8/f  (galway address)
                              8/m (maynard address)
                              8/m  (galway address)

                             Later pdp11/XX

Order cycle should be same/next  day dispatch against item in stock and 
PayPal transfer
Delivery  to UK next day, Europe 1-3 days and the US 2-5days

Currency exchange rates are moving all the time and may affect costs.

     OEM quantities for reproduction makers of any panel, any 
manufacturer may be possible. (Email me)
      Bespoke one off for major restorations - email me.

Rod Smallwood (Panelman)

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