VMS 4.4 source code microfiche

devin davison lyokoboy0 at gmail.com
Fri Mar 11 20:12:58 CST 2016

Well, I have the scanner and the time, I am going to put in online anyways.
It may not be the full source, but perhaps it will come in handy for
someone else.
 I only spent a few minutes scanning those 12 pages. It was a just a quick
initial run of the scanner to learn how to operate it and save the images.
Once i get it all scanned, I will post a link to it.


On Fri, Mar 11, 2016 at 7:50 PM, Antonio Carlini <a.carlini at ntlworld.com>

> On 12/03/16 00:30, devin davison wrote:
>> I made a trip to the library today and set up the reader. Expensive nice
>> piece of equipment, however it is going to take a long time to scan it
>> all.
>> I am still uncertain as to weather this is the source or the compiler
>> output, as some people here suggested it may be.
> I believe various intelligence and military customers could get source
> distributions.
> Those were not on fiche: they were on removable packs or tapes. These kits
> were (AFAIK)
> built on demand. Even those were not (again AFAIK) complete and almost
> certainly would
> not have included a build environment (i.e. all the procedures needed to
> produce a build).
> Such source kits were not cheap.
> You don't have that. You have source listings.
>   Even with this full set,
>> is there not enough to build the entire system?
> No
>    Was the full source ever
>> released?
> Some source was but not to normal customers and I doubt that it was the
> full source.
>    The plan is to scan it all and get it archived. The scanner
>> seems to be doing a good job. If anyone has other microfiche that would go
>> well along with this set, and would be willing to mail them, I know how to
>> work the scanner now and can make a digital copy.
>> here are the first 12 pages i scanned off the first sheet.
> Those are source listings: they are the output of the compiler.
> The quality looks very good. If you have any manuals on fiche (FMPS etc.)
> it would be interesting to see how those turn out.
> Out of interest, how long did it take to produce those 12 pages?
> Antonio
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> Antonio Carlini
> arcarlini at iee.org

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