VMS 4.4 source code microfiche

Antonio Carlini a.carlini at ntlworld.com
Fri Mar 11 18:50:44 CST 2016

On 12/03/16 00:30, devin davison wrote:
> I made a trip to the library today and set up the reader. Expensive nice
> piece of equipment, however it is going to take a long time to scan it all.
> I am still uncertain as to weather this is the source or the compiler
> output, as some people here suggested it may be.

I believe various intelligence and military customers could get source 
Those were not on fiche: they were on removable packs or tapes. These 
kits were (AFAIK)
built on demand. Even those were not (again AFAIK) complete and almost 
certainly would
not have included a build environment (i.e. all the procedures needed to 
produce a build).
Such source kits were not cheap.

You don't have that. You have source listings.

>   Even with this full set,
> is there not enough to build the entire system?


>    Was the full source ever
> released?

Some source was but not to normal customers and I doubt that it was the 
full source.

>    The plan is to scan it all and get it archived. The scanner
> seems to be doing a good job. If anyone has other microfiche that would go
> well along with this set, and would be willing to mail them, I know how to
> work the scanner now and can make a digital copy.
> here are the first 12 pages i scanned off the first sheet.

Those are source listings: they are the output of the compiler.

The quality looks very good. If you have any manuals on fiche (FMPS etc.)
it would be interesting to see how those turn out.

Out of interest, how long did it take to produce those 12 pages?


Antonio Carlini
arcarlini at iee.org

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