Xerox: MFM emulator: disk images available

Mike Ross tmfdmike at
Thu Mar 10 17:03:46 CST 2016

I've been hacking Xerox recently and using Dave's excellent MFM
emulator. I'm making two working bootable images available. One is
Lisp - the 'Lyric' distribution. It boots and works and appears
complete and useful but I haven't explored Lisp enough to grok it.

The other is a clean install of Viewpoint 3.1  with document editor
and a few assorted utilities and games - and terminal emulators.

Both come with readme files and configuration info. They can be picked up at:


With a following wind I may get other Xerox disk images up in the not
too distant future - Star; 8010 and 8090 servers for starters. Maybe a
Medley Lisp system.

I'd be interested in hosting any other useful images for disk
emulation - not just Dave's and not just Xerox - SCSI2SD etc. too -
that anyone feels like contributing. Enjoy!

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