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> Hi,
> Over the weekend I was looking through some old CAD files and came across my
> original design for the MEM11A.  It was an SPC board that contained only 128KW
> of FRAM.
> I’m wondering if there’s any interest in that board.  I do have to iterate on the design
> a bit but I should be able to get something ready sooner than with my current board
> design (plus I know it will fit in an SPC form factor because I’ve already done it).
> What I’d like to know from folks is if there’s interest in that design? Would there still
> be interest in what I’m now calling UMF11 (Unibus Multi-Function)?
> I won’t have pricing (on either) until I build (and debug) a couple of prototypes because
> I need to know what the assembly costs would be (no I won’t be offering kits).
> To also answer the other question, no I haven’t run into any issues with the UMF11,
> I just came across this long forgotten design and wanted to know if there’s any
> interest in it as I can probably get it into “production” sooner than the UMF11.
> Thanks.
> TTFN - Guy
> ---------
> Guy,
> I have one 11/20. CPU state unknown ... but the card cage only has the CPU.
> So I would be glad to get some memory.   Plenty of space left for other
> interfaces, so the MEM11 would be sufficient for me. 128 KW is probably
> overkill. The 11/20 can only address up to 64 KW, correct?
> Depending cost, I am seriously interested in one MEM11.

The 11/20 can address only 32KW (64KB).  You need an MMU to access

TTFN - Guy

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