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Over the weekend I was looking through some old CAD files and came across my
original design for the MEM11A.  It was an SPC board that contained only 
of FRAM.

I’m wondering if there’s any interest in that board.  I do have to iterate 
on the design
a bit but I should be able to get something ready sooner than with my 
current board
design (plus I know it will fit in an SPC form factor because I’ve already 
done it).

What I’d like to know from folks is if there’s interest in that design? 
Would there still
be interest in what I’m now calling UMF11 (Unibus Multi-Function)?

I won’t have pricing (on either) until I build (and debug) a couple of 
prototypes because
I need to know what the assembly costs would be (no I won’t be offering 

To also answer the other question, no I haven’t run into any issues with the 
I just came across this long forgotten design and wanted to know if there’s 
interest in it as I can probably get it into “production” sooner than the 


TTFN - Guy

I have one 11/20. CPU state unknown ... but the card cage only has the CPU.
So I would be glad to get some memory.   Plenty of space left for other
interfaces, so the MEM11 would be sufficient for me. 128 KW is probably
overkill. The 11/20 can only address up to 64 KW, correct?
Depending cost, I am seriously interested in one MEM11.

- Henk 

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