Running RT11v4 on 11/03

Richard Cini rich.cini at
Fri Mar 4 20:57:44 CST 2016

All —

Now that I have a running 11/03 (through the Heathkit HT-11 I bought) I thought I’d try to get something running other than XXDP using the TU58 emulator. Malcolm Macleod has a quick walkthrough of how to make this work with an 11/23 and the TU58 emulator from Will Kranz (

Even though the tutorial is for the 11/23, I think that the 11/03 can run RT-11 from an RX01, and the H11 came with an optional custom version of RT-11, so I feel that it should theoretically work. I followed the tutorial and it reads the image but barfs at some point and the CPU halts. Not sure why. Has anyone tried this?


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