NetBooting old MacOS 8.x or 7x.

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Mon Jun 20 16:53:25 CDT 2016

> Due to the news about the MacOS name change, it's becoming quite hard to 
> Google for older MacOS stuff. Was it ever possible to netboot MacOS 8.1 or 
> earlier? I have A/UX 3 running nicely on a Quadra 700, now, but now I want 
> to dual boot it with MacOS, but I don't have a CDROM. Taking out the drive 
> and putting it on my other 68k Mac (a Centris 660AV) and installing MacOS 
> still gives me some weird issues that I suspect are related to having 
> installed it on different hardware.
> If I can't do a network based install, I'll probably just steal a longer 
> SCSI cable, use a molex power splitter to add another 5V power cable, and 
> then install from CDROM while the system is half-open. Then I'll just 
> button it up afterwards. The factor SCSI cable in my Quadra 700 has only 
> one connector for a drive.

In short: no.

In long: NetBoot requires a G4 or a late G3, and that would imply pretty
much only 8.6 and up.

You *can* netboot a *IIgs* from an AppleShare server (over LocalTalk),
and I have in fact done that myself, but I've never seen this functionality
on a 68K Mac or 60x Power Mac and the ROM doesn't know how.

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