NetBooting old MacOS 8.x or 7x.

Swift Griggs swiftgriggs at
Mon Jun 20 13:45:10 CDT 2016

Due to the news about the MacOS name change, it's becoming quite hard to 
Google for older MacOS stuff. Was it ever possible to netboot MacOS 8.1 or 
earlier? I have A/UX 3 running nicely on a Quadra 700, now, but now I want 
to dual boot it with MacOS, but I don't have a CDROM. Taking out the drive 
and putting it on my other 68k Mac (a Centris 660AV) and installing MacOS 
still gives me some weird issues that I suspect are related to having 
installed it on different hardware.

If I can't do a network based install, I'll probably just steal a longer 
SCSI cable, use a molex power splitter to add another 5V power cable, and 
then install from CDROM while the system is half-open. Then I'll just 
button it up afterwards. The factor SCSI cable in my Quadra 700 has only 
one connector for a drive.


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