Data General Nova 3 and 6045 Drive Questions

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Sun Jun 12 23:07:47 CDT 2016

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> 4) 4075 TTY baudrate pretty easy to check; usually 4800 or 9600 baud, 7 data, even parity, 1 stop bit.
I determined earlier today that I had merely had a brain fart regarding the strapping. The card was strapped for 4800, and I successfully reconfigured it for 9600.

> 6) 4046 disc controller board in slot 11 - wire-wrap wires seem to go from slot 11 to edge connector.

Is there any specific reason you know of for the card to have been installed in slot 11 and requiring a laborious paddle board wiring job, rather than plugging it into slot 10 and using the P4 connector?

I am able to seek the drive heads, but can't seem to get any data or status back from it yet. I'm working on that assembler side project to make it easier to write up test programs to try out drive functions and debug things. I ran one of the memory checkerboard tests for quite a while without any apparent failures.

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