Data General Nova 3 and 6045 Drive Questions

Bruce Ray Bruce at
Sun Jun 12 22:55:40 CDT 2016

G'day Mark -

Brief notes...

1) DG part numbers are 005-xxxxxx-yy; 107-xxxxxx-yy numbers are circuit 
board artwork numbers.  Unfortunately, there is no standard 
cross-reference between the two.  Briefly, the part number is the 
primary reference to be used because a single 107-xxxxxx-yy circuit 
board may actually contain multiple 005-xxxxxx-yy parts.

The 005-xxxxxx-yy part number usually exists on a label attached to the 
15"x15" board stiffener (the side opposite the finger edge connectors).
Later DG boards also had an "A" number in addition to the product number 
("T"), so if both exist the "T 005-xxxxxx-yy" number determines the 
exact board function(s).

2) Slot 5 looks like it was also wired for a serial port board (4010 or 
4075) at one time since backplane pins A85 and B69 are wired to 
someplace in the backplane's paddleboard area.  But at this point the 
Interrupt priority and Data Channel priority daisy chains have been 
jumpered over the slot position to bypass the empty slot. (pins A93/A94, 

3) One integral backplane edge connector may have a black "bus 
terminator" plug to reduce noise on the bus.  All DG terminators had a 
005- number on 'em for identification.

4) 4075 TTY baudrate pretty easy to check; usually 4800 or 9600 baud, 7 
data, even parity, 1 stop bit.

5) The 4060 board probably goes in slot 12 - wire-wrap wires go from 
slot 12 backplane pins to standard DG 4083 MUX connector distribution 
panel (the 16 row by 9 (+ 3) inline pins for each of the 4 serial ports 
plus 12 unused ports).

6) 4046 disc controller board in slot 11 - wire-wrap wires seem to go 
from slot 11 to edge connector.


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