Informer 213 terminal

Mattis Lind mattislind at
Sat Jun 11 12:17:16 CDT 2016

I just dig out this little thing form my father stash of various stuff.

Had to replace the input filter module since there were a small cloud when
powering it up. It also left fair amount of thick smelly tar in the
machine. But the exact replacement were still to be found some 30 years
The little thing is driven by a 68B09 processor, some ROM and RAM and a big
NEC ship marked "Informer". Maybe a custom ASIC. The screen is a Lohja /
Finlux 512x256 EL display.

When bringing up the setup screen it does not look like the one in the m
<>anual. It looks more

It says 374/SNA - Rev 2.1

Does anyone have a more non-IBMish firmware set (or is there some other way
to make it more VT100)? A 27256 and a 2764 goes into the terminal.

There is a Youtube video, , on
a Informer 213 but the firmware seems to be different (at around 1:31).


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