Anyone with a Data General Eclipse S/230 out there?

Bruce Ray Bruce at
Tue Jun 7 23:23:06 CDT 2016

I'll contact you off-list...


On 6/7/2016 9:01 PM, Josh Dersch wrote:
> I just acquired a DG Eclipse S/230 in semi-decent condition. It's mostly
> complete with some fun peripherals in a gigantic rack.  It'll be fun to get
> it going, but it's going to be a challenge -- the machine has been
> scavenged from here and there, I'm missing basic TTY I/O and controllers
> for the 8" floppy drive (and probably other things, too).
> Going over the boards, there's an IC on the "CPU 1" board that was somehow
> forcibly ripped from the PCB -- it looks like someone started clipping it
> off, then said "screw it" and yanked the thing off with pliers, leaving
> much of the leads leading up to the IC die.  The PCB is undamaged, but I
> don't know what the IC is supposed to be.  I suspect, based on what's
> surrounding it, that it's an SN74172J.
> The IC is located at position X3 (approximately, it covers more real estate
> than that).  Anyone have a CPU 1 board from an S/230 they can check for
> me?  There isn't much in the way of schematics for this that I can find...
> Thanks!
> Josh

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