Anyone with a Data General Eclipse S/230 out there?

Josh Dersch derschjo at
Tue Jun 7 22:01:32 CDT 2016

I just acquired a DG Eclipse S/230 in semi-decent condition. It's mostly
complete with some fun peripherals in a gigantic rack.  It'll be fun to get
it going, but it's going to be a challenge -- the machine has been
scavenged from here and there, I'm missing basic TTY I/O and controllers
for the 8" floppy drive (and probably other things, too).

Going over the boards, there's an IC on the "CPU 1" board that was somehow
forcibly ripped from the PCB -- it looks like someone started clipping it
off, then said "screw it" and yanked the thing off with pliers, leaving
much of the leads leading up to the IC die.  The PCB is undamaged, but I
don't know what the IC is supposed to be.  I suspect, based on what's
surrounding it, that it's an SN74172J.

The IC is located at position X3 (approximately, it covers more real estate
than that).  Anyone have a CPU 1 board from an S/230 they can check for
me?  There isn't much in the way of schematics for this that I can find...


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