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Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Sun Jun 5 21:51:06 CDT 2016

 >Rod Smallwood wrote:

> [Snip]
> The RX is clearly alive, The motor runs, belt tension is good and you 
> can hear the heads load.
> I have a box full of 8" floppies. BTW how many 8" floppies do you 
> think there were in an RT11 distribution?

I can't remember for sure, but I think there were eight SSDD (RX02) floppies
plus an Auto-Install floppy.  That would have been for V05.06 of RT-11 which
requires over 6,800 blocks for an RL02 disk pack.  Since some of the files
get duplicated, eight seems about right.

I doubt that V05.07 of RT-11 from Mentec was ever supported on RX02
floppies.  The size of the binary distribution for V05.07 of RT-11 is over
16,600 blocks on an RL02 disk pack of which over 9,000 blocks are
DSK files (one of which is 7,000 blocks) which Mentec added to the
V05.07 RT-11 distribution.

Using RX01 floppies will take many more since there are only half the blocks
or 494 blocks on a SSSD (RX01) floppy.

Do you have any other questions?  I don't know of any RT-11 distributions
on RX02 image files for either V05.06 or V05.07 of RT-11.  There may
be some for earlier versions.

Do you have any other questions?

Jerome Fine

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