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Mattis Lind mattislind at gmail.com
Sun Jun 5 15:54:29 CDT 2016

>> The board that went in did not get fried, baked or boiled. Its twin
> brother that only went into the correct location produces the exact same
> results.
> The RX is clearly alive, The motor runs, belt tension is good and you can
> hear the heads load.

Well.  I have two RXV21 that also do all that but still doesn't work. So it
is not at all a guarantee that everything is OK. If I were you I would run
the XXDP diagnostics. In my case they showed plenty of errors. Luckily I
had one RXV21 that was fine. The others are put on the list for being
repaired whenever I get time.

> I have a box full of 8" floppies. BTW how many 8" floppies do you think
> there were in an RT11 distribution?
> So the question then arises what next?  If we look at what an 11/94 is
> then its a single board CPU and a power control card in a three slot back
> plane. There after its UNIBUS  So is there any thing we can put in the
> spare QBUS  slot without doing any damage?
> Regards
> Rod

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