[SPAM key] - Re: Software for DEC MINC systems

Jerome H. Fine jhfinedp3k at compsys.to
Wed Dec 30 17:31:08 CST 2015

 >Jay Jaeger wrote:

>>On 12/29/2015 2:47 PM, Jay Jaeger wrote:
>>I have had several folks express the desire for them. Over the day or
>>few days (we have a gathering coming up tomorrow, and not sure I will
>>get to it today, so it could be as late as next week), I will load them
>>up on my Google drive in a directory structure analogous to what
>>bitsavers uses, and send out the link.
>The structure is similar to bitsavers, so look in:
>There are two folders, rx01 and rx02 with .img files.
>The image files INCLUDE TRACK 0, so depending on how you plan to use
>them, you may need to trim off the first track first.
Any possibility you could provide the full link?  I don't see much
in the way of information at that site to get me to those floppy images.
There might be other DEC and non-DEC PDP-11 images that are
of interest.

This site also has many DEC and non-DEC files for the PDP-11

I usually find that anything to do with google that is not totally obvious
to usually be a pain.

Just on doing a search, the usual > 1,000,000 items stop being anything
at all relevant after item 100.

google is often good to check spelling though (LOL) - I can't spell,
so I always use the Spell checker.

Jerome Fine

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