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Kevin Monceaux Kevin at RawFedDogs.net
Tue Dec 8 17:50:38 CST 2015

On Tue, Dec 08, 2015 at 06:53:31PM +0000, Brian Adams wrote:

> Yeah, I've got an account on an AS/400 right now. I like the OS, I
> probably couldn't do anything useful with it, but I like the look.

I've had an account there for years, though I don't use it much these days.  

> But having an account on a remote system isn't the same as a physical
> system, ya know? And I don't have QSECOFR access of course.
> Maybe I can find one at a surplus or recycler, mm.

Having a box with full access is definitely a plus.  I have a 9406-270 in my
living room that I found on eBay for a fairly descent price.  It's been
encountering some memory errors for a while now, but seems to be hanging in
there.  I might have to find some replacement memory, or a replacement box,
one of these days myself.  There was a post on the Midrange-L list last
month from someone with a couple of "old 525 systems" that he's looking to
part with:


I contacted him recently and as of a few days ago they were still available.
I'd have grabbed one of them if I had the funds to spare at the moment.


Bruceville, TX

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