Worst Video Game Ever was Re: Sales of unearthed Atari games total more than $100,000

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Mon Aug 31 12:56:35 CDT 2015

> "3.5 million of the 4 million produced were sent back to the company as unsold inventory or customer returns. Despite sales figures, the quantity of unsold merchandise, coupled with the expensive movie license and the large amount of returns, made E.T. a major financial failure for Atari"
> Thats not good for Atari, but that doesn't make it the worst game ever.
> I agree with those who say Pac Man... I mean it looked nothing like the Arcade and it sounded like they sampled a rubber band.
> Not a good game at all.

But it was the Atari 2600, at that day and age I don't think there was an 
expectation that the game on the home system would look like the arcade? 
It was from the era of tennis tv games and such? It had a mouth, and a 
pass thru, and ghosts and dots.

Colecovision and others started to change expectations. I guess it wasn't 
too long after ColecoVision that Atari 8 bit computers and that brought 
with it pretty good ports of Arcade titles -- I was probably late to the 
8bit atari (800XL here) I guess the people with the 400/800 were first to 
have arcade-ish gameplay. The 8bit computers still isn't as same as 
playing the real arcade PCB though. Just closer.

That day I got the NES..... I think I hit reset 100 times over and over 
just to hear the intro music from the Gyromite cart. It had clear 
drumbeats! And multiple part music. It was so good. The reset button felt 
nice and quality even.

Ethan O'Toole

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