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Sun Aug 30 04:56:29 CDT 2015

Hi Lukas,

Shipping is certainly possible but expensive, the 4000 plus a decent sized
packing box will be around 10kg so a rough guess would be ukp45/€62. If that
doesn't sound too bad I can box it up next week and let you know.



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> Hi, I would be very interested in the 4000 vlc. Is it still available? Also is
> shipping to Germany possible? How miuch would it cost?
> Bye,
> Lukas Kaminski
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> Folks,
> Before the great company meltdown of Jan this year and as I discovered the
> great mailing list breakdown of not long after I saved some DEC kit for list
> members to collect, namely:
> Alpha 800 (rackmount)
> uVAX 2000
> VAX 4000VLC
> These are still in my hallway in Cambs UK so if either the people who called
> for them or failing that anyone else would like to collect that'd be great.
> I have proper scales for shipping weight but they need to be calibrated and
> I'm struggling to find anything that weighs exactly 25kg :)
> (I know the Alpha800 is '24-28kg', scales are pretty correct there, as they
> are with my DS25, but they get a DS10 horribly wrong so...)

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