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Lukas Kaminski lukas.kaminski at
Sat Aug 1 05:29:50 CDT 2015

Hi, I would be very interested in the 4000 vlc. Is it still available? Also is shipping to Germany possible? How miuch would it cost?


Lukas Kaminski

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Before the great company meltdown of Jan this year and as I discovered the
great mailing list breakdown of not long after I saved some DEC kit for list
members to collect, namely:

Alpha 800 (rackmount)
uVAX 2000

These are still in my hallway in Cambs UK so if either the people who called
for them or failing that anyone else would like to collect that'd be great.

I have proper scales for shipping weight but they need to be calibrated and
I'm struggling to find anything that weighs exactly 25kg :)
(I know the Alpha800 is '24-28kg', scales are pretty correct there, as they
are with my DS25, but they get a DS10 horribly wrong so...)

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