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Fri Aug 28 14:34:16 CDT 2015

On Fri, 28 Aug 2015, Kevin Tikker wrote:
> I attended Vista at both locations the main building and the basement of 
> the former Ross store. The new building was a mess, half finished, 
> poorly designed and with the video studio poorly built.

It is now a mess, half finished (unwired handicap door buttons, etc.), and 
poorly designed.   The signs for ALS, and amplified and TTY phones were 
put up, but there is not a single public telephone in the building.
One of the entrances to the library was mis-prepped as an exit and can not 
be locked, and "it is impossible to get the plans changed to allow fixing 

> Thanks for the info on the 1620. Petals is such a vast organization it's 
> entirely possible some 1620 lurks in some dark, dank unfinished space.

Not within Peralta.  Corporate culture of destruction and erasing of the 
past.  We retrieved some stuff from the dark, dank tunnels 
at Merritt (and they tried to fire one guy for dumpster diving)

Laney is too obsessed with throwing things away and changing, just for the 
sake of changing.  Guarded dumpsters, cleared often.  Couldn't save some 
"broken" (needed toner cartridge) almost current LaserJets.  Did save (for 
the CIS department) a projector that needed its signal cord repaired -
almost got fired for soldering a DE15, in a well-ventilated non-flammable 
workroom; if I hadn't been there that day, it would have been scrapped.

College Of Alameda was built without adequate dark storage.
Last of the 5170s is long gone.

Nothing bigger nor more interesting than generic PCs (primarily HPaq) were 
ever moved into the BCC spaces.  No word on the DisplayWriters that 
used to be in the Milvia building.  The other space was temporary lease, 
now gone; long before it was a Ross and later Walgreen's, it was a 

District Office has occasionally had a few interesting things, but not any 
more.  Used to be a 4381? there.

There ARE some interesting things in dark, dank storage spaces in UC.

CCSF used to have some interesting stuff, such as Honeywell "mainframe". 
But, has recently had VERY thorough clearing out due to the Barbara Beno 
(accreditation Commission) pressure.

Heard that some folk at DeAnza/Foothill squirreled away some goodies.

Don't know the current state of stuff at Contra Costa Colleges nor SF 

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