IBM 1620

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Fri Aug 28 03:50:53 CDT 2015

Many 1620's were leased and IBM recovered them at the end of the lease.
There is a note somewhere I have seen about the one at Lancaster University
have a disk drive replaced and then returned to IBM within weeks...
.. on the other had I know the one at Newcastle Polytechnic hung around for
at least a year. I wonder what happened to the one at Constantine College
(later Teeside Polytechnic, and now Teesside University) which ran my first
Fortran Program...


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> There were two IBM 1620's in the College of Engineering in Madison, WI
> when I started school, and rumor was that one of them ended up in
> somebody's basement. Whether or not that rumor was true, and if so, if it
> still around, or not, I have no idea.
> (Rumor was that there was also a CDC-160A in somebody's basement here in
> town, as well).
> Both of these rumors date back 30+ years, though.

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