Indianapolis: More classic computing equipment than I can shake a stick at.

Jonathan Katz jon at
Sun Aug 23 15:59:23 CDT 2015


Why is all this posted a full year after I leave Indianapolis and move
to Belgium!? :D


I will ask my local contacts.

On Sun, Aug 23, 2015 at 10:52 PM, Maxx Wood <maxxtw at> wrote:
> Anyone who's passing through, or lives near Indianapolis, feel free to give
> me a shout to set up a time to peruse what I have. I have amassed enough
> machines to take on their own gravitational pull. Most are in various states
> of disrepair, in need of attention, but quite a few still work or don't need
> much work to be functional. A number of machines I intend on keeping for
> their "neat" factor (like an Olivetti M20) but might be persuaded to part
> with.
> Apple (bunch of IIc's, IIe's, IIgs's)
> Macintosh (40 or so compact Macs - 512, Plus, SE, 'splodey-battery-SE/30's
> -, a big 'ol stack of 68k and PPC desktops, PowerBooks, a stack of DuoDock
> II's)
> Kaypro (maybe 6?)
> Osborne
> Compaq Portables (luggable and plasma)
> Epson QX-10 (2 machines, 1 monitor, pretty certain I have the Valdocs disk
> somewhere)
> IBM (5150's, 5160's, and a 5170 with box, and a few monitors)
> Wang (PC S1-2 with keyboard/monitor(s))
> Franklin 8000 with keyboard
> A few 386/486 machines
> ADM 3A terminal (doesn't power on, but it's cute)
> Amiga 2000HD (boots, but I don't have a keyboard or mouse, and the floppy
> drives continuously seek)
> Amiga 500 (untested, no power supply)
> C64's (definitely for parts!) and some drives
> Tandy 1000 EX (untested)
> NeXT 21" Color Monitor (too huge and heavy for me to keep, I'll be happy
> with a VGA converter when I find one)
> And probably a few other things I'm forgetting about. Price-wise, basically
> make me an offer. Scrap metal prices are fine with me for a lot of machines
> so long as they're not actually getting scrapped (hence the post here!). If
> you're looking for something specific, let me know and I'll see what I have.
> Thanks!
> Kind regards,
> -Maxx

+32 0 486 260 686

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