Indianapolis: More classic computing equipment than I can shake a stick at.

Maxx Wood maxxtw at
Sun Aug 23 15:52:53 CDT 2015

Anyone who's passing through, or lives near Indianapolis, feel free to 
give me a shout to set up a time to peruse what I have. I have amassed 
enough machines to take on their own gravitational pull. Most are in 
various states of disrepair, in need of attention, but quite a few still 
work or don't need much work to be functional. A number of machines I 
intend on keeping for their "neat" factor (like an Olivetti M20) but 
might be persuaded to part with.

Apple (bunch of IIc's, IIe's, IIgs's)
Macintosh (40 or so compact Macs - 512, Plus, SE, 
'splodey-battery-SE/30's -, a big 'ol stack of 68k and PPC desktops, 
PowerBooks, a stack of DuoDock II's)
Kaypro (maybe 6?)
Compaq Portables (luggable and plasma)
Epson QX-10 (2 machines, 1 monitor, pretty certain I have the Valdocs 
disk somewhere)
IBM (5150's, 5160's, and a 5170 with box, and a few monitors)
Wang (PC S1-2 with keyboard/monitor(s))
Franklin 8000 with keyboard
A few 386/486 machines
ADM 3A terminal (doesn't power on, but it's cute)
Amiga 2000HD (boots, but I don't have a keyboard or mouse, and the 
floppy drives continuously seek)
Amiga 500 (untested, no power supply)
C64's (definitely for parts!) and some drives
Tandy 1000 EX (untested)
NeXT 21" Color Monitor (too huge and heavy for me to keep, I'll be happy 
with a VGA converter when I find one)

And probably a few other things I'm forgetting about. Price-wise, 
basically make me an offer. Scrap metal prices are fine with me for a 
lot of machines so long as they're not actually getting scrapped (hence 
the post here!). If you're looking for something specific, let me know 
and I'll see what I have.


Kind regards,

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