Data I/O 29B

Billy Pettit bpettitx at
Fri Aug 21 19:33:55 CDT 2015

I have a small batch of Data I/O EPROM burners.  Trying to test them out and ran into a nightmare.  They require a pin family and size parameter.  But in none of the documentation is there any mention of what these values are.  There are some generic pinouts, which are almost useless because Data I/O changed the definition of several pins.

Then the manual says to get your part's timing chart and compare them to 409 pages of timing charts to find the family type!  Nothing is mentioned anywhere on how to calculate size parameter.

There should be a chart or document somewhere that gives the parameters by model numbers like 2516, 2764, etc.

Anyone know of a document like this?

Anyone have experience with the model 29A&B, Model 19, Model 100 gang programmer, etc.

At this point, without better data, these 11 -12 deveces are heading for the scrap pile.  This is the poorest documentation I've ever seen on a piece of test equipment.

Billy Pettit

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