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Wed Aug 19 14:18:41 CDT 2015

On 8/19/2015 11:52 AM, Jason Scott wrote:
>> In closing, I might ask you to consider taking your sweet time getting
>> this stuff online. There are still some manual dealers out there. Let
>> them handle the decline of their business in whatever way they see
>> fit. All of them know it is just a matter of time - probably five
>> years or less. If you flood the net with the free scans, it might
>> really fuck them up. I know some of them, and it is not unreasonable
>> for me to think that they might get really annoyed by your efforts and
>> burn their libraries just for spite.
>> --
>> Will
> That is a most interesting metric. I honestly hadn't considered that issue.
> The key, I think, will be communication with them to understand which
> manuals have sales going on, and which ones it would be advantageous to get
> online because they have long dropped into historical myths. Thank you for
> the advice. All of it.

A counterpoint to this might be to only 
scan manuals that are requested and 
can't be found anywhere else (with any 
reasonable ease).

- J.

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