More on manuals plus rescue

Jason Scott jason at
Wed Aug 19 11:52:18 CDT 2015

> In closing, I might ask you to consider taking your sweet time getting
> this stuff online. There are still some manual dealers out there. Let
> them handle the decline of their business in whatever way they see
> fit. All of them know it is just a matter of time - probably five
> years or less. If you flood the net with the free scans, it might
> really fuck them up. I know some of them, and it is not unreasonable
> for me to think that they might get really annoyed by your efforts and
> burn their libraries just for spite.
> --
> Will

That is a most interesting metric. I honestly hadn't considered that issue.
The key, I think, will be communication with them to understand which
manuals have sales going on, and which ones it would be advantageous to get
online because they have long dropped into historical myths. Thank you for
the advice. All of it.

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