Help needed please re possible loss of a Burroughs B7800 CPU

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Hi Nigel,
Thanks a lot for taking an interest and for posting this information.
The answer you got from the museum matches the original information I got, I wasn't able to get anything further from there.
The chassis/backplane/card cages were actually quite interesting also, although I guess it helps to have seen it firsthand to fully appreciate.
Of course the real value was in its rarity.
The building company involved was as helpful as they could be - I spoke to a number of people with them, at the Uni and externally but sadly didn't get there in the end!
(I've seen the 11/780, which is sitting inside a public area of the Uni at Caulfield).
Thanks very much again - Cheers Evan

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Hi Evan and others who might have been wondering, I managed to find out what happened to the Burroughs B7800 that was "under the stairs"
at Monash university.

The good news is that the interesting parts, namely the indicator panels, have been saved by the Monash Museum of Computing History.
They also retrieved the VAX 11/780 that was there too, and it is now in storage.

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