Probs w. M3119 CXY08 MUX on VAX VMS 7.3

Holm Tiffe holm at
Mon Aug 17 12:33:54 CDT 2015

Hi guys,

I'm fiddeling around for hours now to get an M3119-YA CXY08
Multiplexer to work in my VAX4000/300 on VMS7.3.

The Card is properly detected it seems..

Device                  Device           Error
 Name                   Status           Count
FTA0:                   Offline              0
OPA0:                   Online               0
TNA0:                   Offline              0
TNA2:                   Online               0
TXA0:                   Online               4
TXA1:                   Online               0
TXA2:                   Online               0
TXA3:                   Online               7
TXA4:                   Online               0
TXA5:                   Online               0
TXA6:                   Online               0
TXA7:                   Online               0
VTA0:                   Offline              0


        System CSR and Vectors on 17-AUG-2015 19:17:01.69

 Name: PAA  Units: 1  Nexus:0    (CI ) 
 Name: PAB  Units: 1  Nexus:1    (CI ) 
 Name: EZA  Units: 4  Nexus:2    (NI ) 
 Name: PUA  Units: 1  Nexus:3    (UBA) CSR: 772150  Vector1: 154  Vector2: 000
 Name: PTA  Units: 1  Nexus:3    (UBA) CSR: 774500  Vector1: 260  Vector2: 000
 Name: PTB  Units: 1  Nexus:3    (UBA) CSR: 760404  Vector1: 300  Vector2: 000
 Name: TXA  Units: 8  Nexus:3    (UBA) CSR: 760440  Vector1: 310  Vector2: 314

..and it is the first card left of the CPU in the QBUS Backplane followed
from an working CQD200/TM.
AThe DIP Switches are set like the standard in some CXY08 Manual, the MUX
is set to DHU11 programming model.
I've first tried to connect a serial line pronter with no luck so I've
tried to connect a 2nd VT420 and have no luck again. I know of the meaning
of the several modem control signals and how they should be wired, have
connected such a "null modem RS232 device" that shorts 4 to 5 and 6+8 to
20. I've tried to copy data from a file to the lines and I have shorted 2+3
of the Muxer Pins from the line and done a SET HOST/DTE/ESC=E TXA0:,allt
that ends with an timeout writing to the lines and the lines acting
identically, regardles which one I try to use.

$ copy SYSTARTUP_VMS.COM txa3:
-RMS-F-WER, file write error
-SYSTEM-F-TIMEOUT, device timeout

$ sh term txa3
Terminal: _TXA3:      Device_Type: Unknown       Owner: No Owner

   Input:    9600     LFfill:  0      Width:  80      Parity: None
   Output:   9600     CRfill:  0      Page:   24      

Terminal Characteristics:
   Interactive        Echo               Type_ahead         No Escape
   No Hostsync        TTsync             Lowercase          No Tab
   Wrap               Scope              No Remote          No Eightbit
   Broadcast          No Readsync        No Form            Fulldup
   Modem              No Local_echo      Autobaud           No Hangup
   No Brdcstmbx       No DMA             No Altypeahd       Set_speed
   No Commsync        Line Editing       Overstrike editing No Fallback
   No Dialup          No Secure server   No Disconnect      No Pasthru
   No Syspassword     No SIXEL Graphics  No Soft Characters No Printer Port
   Numeric Keypad     No ANSI_CRT        No Regis           No Block_mode
   No Advanced_video  No Edit_mode       No DEC_CRT         No DEC_CRT2
   No DEC_CRT3        No DEC_CRT4        No DEC_CRT5        No Ansi_Color
   VMS Style Input

Depending on set term/modem or set term/printer the modem control lines are
changing the level, that's ok. But I can't get a single character printed
to the terminal which I have verified with an USB to serial cable already,
the terminal is ok and I have an LED-Analyzer for RS232 between the RS232

Since I'm a total VMS Noob I now have some Questions:

.. have I missed something?
.. is the CXY08 bad?
.. what could I try next? there some diagnosting software for the CXY08 existing for VMS
   and if yes, where can I get it?

Thanks in advance,

      Technik Service u. Handel Tiffe,, Holm Tiffe, 
     Freiberger Straße 42, 09600 Oberschöna, USt-Id: DE253710583, info at, Fax +49 3731 74200, Mobil: 0172 8790 741

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