Probs w. M3119 CXY08 MUX on VAX VMS 7.3

Jerry Weiss jsw at
Mon Aug 17 15:26:53 CDT 2015

A few quick thoughts:

1) Bad non-name USB/Serial converter.  I have one that won’t speak to a MVII console or certain non-DEC DLV11J cards
2) LED Analyzer is pulling too much current on the lines
3) Bad  +-15 volt converter on board.    Do you see any activity on control signals or send line?  Try a voltmeter instead of the LEDs.
4) $Set term txa3:/nottsync/perm/noninteractive  
    in case the port has picked up a control-s… and try to copy the file again.

> On Aug 17, 2015, at 1:18 PM, Holm Tiffe <holm at> wrote:
> Johnny Billquist wrote:
> [..]
>>> Since I'm a total VMS Noob I now have some Questions:
>>> .. have I missed something?
>>> .. is the CXY08 bad?
>>> .. what could I try next?
>>> there some diagnosting software for the CXY08 existing for VMS
>>>   and if yes, where can I get it?
>>> Thanks in advance,
>> Since you have an error count in there, I would expect there to be 
>> something in the error log. Might be worth checking what it says...
> I think that errors are exactly what I got on the console, the write error,
> (timeout writing) but ok, I could check that.. where exactly I should look?
>> Other than that, I have not tried that specific hardware, but I have 
>> seen similar issues when DMA have been non-working. Are you sure the 
>> card is in the correct slot? I assume you know about qbus bus 
>> continuation, as well as the actual backplane layout, and possibly 
>> jumpers that might need to be put one way or another depending on the 
>> type of slot, if it is a quad size card...
>> 	Johnny
> The VAX4000/300 has a "special" CPU and Memory card cage on the right
> side and left of it the QBus backplane, at top the DSSI connectors..all
> on a big Backplane PCB (saw such a beast on Ebay lately).
> As I already wrote, the multiplexer sits on the backplane in the slot next
> to the CPU and it is a quad size board. In the next slot left of it at the
> top sits the CQD200TM which is working fine with disk and CDROM and I think
> it is using DMA too. This is a double size board, the lower half is only some
> plastic sheet for mechanical purposes.
> At the next top slot its the TK70 controller which is working too.
> That's exactly the order in which I got the machine, don't think that there
> is something wrong with that order and there is no gap between the boards
> besides ot the 2nd lower slot (plastic sheet).
> Regards,
> Holm
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