VAX4000/300 MNS7.3 isntallation from CDROM

Holm Tiffe holm at
Fri Aug 7 13:04:22 CDT 2015

Jerry Weiss wrote:

> Having the CDROM write protected is normal for read-only media.    The target drive needs to be write enabled.   Before you boot the CD, list the disks you have.

Yes, it's vnormal that the CDR is ro..

I have the following devices:

du3 .. CDROM
and DISK0$DIA0	(RF31)
and DISK1$DIA1	(RF31)
and DISK2$DIA2	(RF71)
> >>>sh device
> Choose a disk that is unused/empty.
> Once you get the $ or $$$ prompt, you need to restore the save from the CDROM to your target disk using BACKUP. 
> My installation looked like this.  DKA700 is the VAXVMS073 CDROM.  DKA0: is the unused disk.  Both disks are on the SCSI bus.
> During the restore, control-T shows the progress.
> Once I finished the restore of the OS to the new disk, booting from that disk automatically starts the rest of the install process.
> ------------
> $$$ backup/image/verify dka700:vms073.b/save dka0:
>  Saveset volume:1, saveset block:71 (32256 byte blocks)
>  Restoring file: DKA0:[VMS$COMMON.SYS$LDR]SYSLOA1302.EXE;1
>  Saveset volume:1, saveset block:143 (32256 byte blocks)
>  Saveset volume:1, saveset block:1260 (32256 byte blocks)
> %BACKUP-I-STARTVERIFY, starting verification pass
> $$$ log

I've booted the CD w/o any bootflag in R5 to the $ prompt.
, it asks for the date/time and displays the devices like above
(DISK0$DIA0 but DU3) and asks if that list is correct, yes it is.
After that I've issued:

 $ backup/image/verify dua3:vms073.b/save disk0$dia0:
(dia0 only doesn't work)

I've get a long list about many files (from the cdrom)
and SYSTEM-F-VOLINF, volume is not software enabled

A while ago I've reformated an tested the 3 DSS
I disks with the firmware on them, the disks are all empty.
I think here is a step missing, Do I have to initialize them first?
The disks are ok, the veryfy programs on them saying that....


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