Pertec Tape Drive Interface Musings

Marc Verdiell marc.verdiell at
Wed Aug 5 03:18:11 CDT 2015

>If you're willing to run MSDOS with an appropriate ASPI driver, 
>I can send you a utility that I know works []You're 
>welcome to the source code.


Could you share your DOS code with me too? I just assembled the hardware for
that: a self loading HP88780B SCSI-1 9-track Tape Drive, a vintage DolchPac
65 PC that can multi boot XP, Win98 and DOS fitted with an old SCSI-1 card.
And I am reading the SCSI protocol book in the evenings ;-). Your DOS SCSI
tape software and source would give me a prodigious head start...

I also have Pertec-interfaced Overland Data tape drive, that will be step 2.
This is a more straightforward interface.

And an HP-IB interfaced HP7970E tape drive waiting in the wings.


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