Unidentified chip

Noel Chiappa jnc at mercury.lcs.mit.edu
Tue Aug 4 11:25:56 CDT 2015

So, I took Tony's advice (about parts) to heart, and have been stocking up on
all sorts of things. (Ironically, I now have a _far_ better supply of parts
that I had access to, back in the day, at LCS at MIT! But that's a rant for
another day.)

As part of that, I've bought up a number of IC collections, to build up a
stock of 74xxx parts in various families (S, LS, etc). Along with them, I have
acquired a lot of stuff I don't need (e.g. CMOS parts), and at some point I'll
offer them here, for trade, for people who do have a use for them. (The PDP-11
systems I'm interested in basically don't use them.)

As I've finished sorting and filing all that stuff, I'm left with a few things
I can't ID. The most prolific one (I think I have about 6 tubes full :-) is
something I'd appreciate a hand with: it might be some super-rare chip that
people would love to find, or something.

It's a 16-pin DIP, with the following on it (in three separate lines):
"1028126", "D39315-A", and "CS9336P". The first number looks like the numbers
I've seen on a couple of other un-identified chips, made by TRW. (I hope they
aren't something classified I'm not even supposed to have! :-)

Anyone have any idea what these things are?



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