General Electric Terminet HP 2762A

jwsmobile jws at
Thu Apr 30 05:29:35 CDT 2015

I recently acquired a GE Terminet 300 in the guise of an HP 2762A 
terminal, KSR.  I am attaching what I have so far in my blog.

I've found little on the technical side for this terminal.  If anyone 
has a manual I'd appreciate a copy.

It is referenced in one listing of HP manuals, 02762-90001 the service 
manual.  I'm not sure what to make of the one hit I get on that P/N that 
isn't bitsavers mirrors.  I figured I'd ask here first.  I'll also ask 
on the hp equipment group, I am on there too. is welcome to my photos, or contact me offline, and I'll 
make some better quality shots for your web site.

I plan to get this going to use for the Multics Simulator at some 
point.  The TN300 was a common console, and was an early symptom of the 
featureless, non-blink'n lites type shop that came to be.  I know the 
Honeywell 6180 that ran Multics had an 8 panel service panel with 
wonderful sets of lights, but it was hidden in a cabinet, and typically 
not accessed by the operator.


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