Brian Kernighan @ VCF East

Evan Koblentz evan at
Thu Apr 9 23:13:33 CDT 2015

>>> Big announcement!
>>> Wes Clark is unable to attend VCF East due to health.
>>> Naturally I hit the panic button. Wes, after all, was already
>> our Plan B after Ted Nelson backed out, also due to personal matters.
>>> But we scrambled really hard in the past two days and landed K.
>> :)
>> Yep, that does it.  I'm going to be there.  Seriously, Kernighan and Bell?  I plan to grovel.

I heard that about you. :)

But you ARE worthy, dude. Everyone is. Tell all your friends. Rent a 
van, take a road trip, hitchhike, do what you've gotta do. Come to VCF East.

Friday: Seventeen technical classes. Free pizza. PDP-8 ceremony.
Saturday/Sunday mornings: Keynotes! Kernighan, Frankston. (Not Bell.)
Rest of Saturday/Sunday: Forty-ish live exhibits! Minis, homebrews, 
Also on Saturday/Sunday: Consignment sale, pro vendors, learn-to-solder 

Plus, the MARCH computer museum will be open all day Saturday/Sunday. 
Wanna see UNIVAC* pieces? A Bendix G-15? IBM 1130? Philbrick analog 
computer, circa 1958? All sorts of DEC? Altair, IMSAI, Apple 1, and 
every other major homebrew system? Vol. 1, issue 1 of every major 
computer magazine? A huge collection of micros?

And .... other wings of the InfoAge center show the histories of NJ 
shipwrecks, radio/TV, military vehicles, Marconi-era telegraphy, 
electronic warfare .... we've got a hackerspace, too.

You might even see a wild bald eagle family from our parking lot.

* We anticipate doubling our exhibit space later this year. At that time 
our * complete * UNIVAC will go on display along with lots of other 
awesome stuff that's currently in storage. No, you can't get a tour of 
the storage warehouse during the show, sorry. :)

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