SMS Data Gathering App Announcement

Jay Jaeger cube1 at
Thu May 21 11:02:22 CDT 2020

On 5/21/2020 7:38 AM, steven at wrote:
> Jay said
>> The application was/is developed in C# under Visual Studio 2017 to run
>> under Windows, primarily because I was interested in trying out C#.  I
>> would expect it to build in VS 2019 with little or no change, but have
>> not tried it.
> It builds under VS2019 but I needed to add the Nuget package for MySql.Data
> to fix the references up, and also changed the connection string a little.

Thanks for doing that.  Good to hear!  Yeah, the connection info should
probably really be in little flat ini file somewhere.

> I also should have looked at the contents of the directory a little more
> closely as I did not see the .sql.gz there initially, and ended up converting
> the proprietary LarryWare .mwb file to .sql and then wondering why there was no
> example data when I ran it..

"LarryWare".  ;)  Chuckle.  Hadn't heard that one before.  BTW, that is
more than just an "example".  That database is an up to date snapshot of
the actual database I am working with (for machine 1411).  I take a new
snapshot whenever I change the database design (typically these days
only to add columns or tables.) The other stuff is just junk for safely

> After noticing the compressed db, unzipped and scripted it in and it all loaded
> up. The importing is a bit flaky for one or two types but wow, what an amazing
> project, that is a huge amount of work you've put into it!  I guess one day it
> could be extended to cover SLT too???!!! :)

Yes, the imports are shaky, and the spreadsheet data has not been
updated as I have corrected errors in the data.  I have fixed up a few
things in the import code as I came across them, but for sure one would
want to back up the database before using them.  ;)

There was a separate discussion of SLT.  It would take time, but
probably not impossibly long.  I am very unlikely to undertake the
effort, though.

> Great job Jay.


> Steve


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